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vegetables, mrs. paul's seafood, lender's bagels, celeste pizza, as well as hungry man frozen meals which i thought looked like a delicious heart attack in a box. and pinnacle has a grocery business. you know them as duncan hines, cookie and cake miss, mrs. butterworth, log cabin, comstock pie filling. as we know from hines from its all-time high last month, iconic brands are the landmark. blackstone is ringing the register on its investment taking the company public. recent history suggests these deals are performing extremely well. case in point, since the beginning of 2013, we've seen 30 ipos, 13 backed by a financial sponsor. the average ipo this year spiked 15% on the first day of trading. these 13 financial spots ordeals were up an average of 22% on the first day of trading. these private equity firms look like they want to make money on the first traunch they sell. i'm not recommending you get into pinnacle on the first day. i like the fundamentals of the underlying company. pinnacle has given you 128% return with reinvested dividends. i wish b&g would explain the last quarter. pinna
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1